7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Air Ducts Cleaner For Longer

7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Air Ducts Cleaner For Longer

Wall-mounted air conditioners, often known as ductless air conditioners, split-minis (if they also supply heat), or room air conditioners, are a common solution when a home lacks an HVAC system and a window AC unit is not desired.

Similarly, air ducts or HVAC ducts are a core part of your house. Regardless of the season, they are utilized all year. However, it also means a greater chance of these ducts becoming clogged with dust. 

How to Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

Here are some tips to keep your HVAC ducts free of debris for as long as possible.

1. Keep Your Home Neat

While maintaining a clean home is always a good idea, it becomes important if you want your HVAC ducts to last a long time. Less debris will be drawn into your HVAC system if you regularly vacuum and sweep your floors with brooms. Using these basic approaches may keep the ducts clean for a lengthy period.

2. Replace Air Filters More Frequently

Air filters are an important part of any ventilation system. The filters capture all types of air pollutants and keep the ducts clean. In addition, if you have pets in your home, you will have to replace them more frequently. There is no doubt that a clean air filter is essential for clean air ducts. Due to their highly effective filtering systems, wall-mounted air conditioners have the key advantage of improved air quality.

3. Coil and Condenser Cleaning

Spend some time inspecting and cleaning the exterior of your wall-mounted AC unit before winter arrives. When left unattended, dirt and debris buildup on the wall-mounted air conditioners outside the unit may cause the unit to malfunction.

4. Use Air Purifiers

While maintaining a clean home is a good idea, installing high-quality air purifiers can help keep your HVAC ducts free of contaminants even longer. Additionally, it lessens the possibility of dust particles clogging HVAC ducts. We must clean the air filters in air purifiers and the duct filters for improved operation.

5. Keep The Vents Open

It is necessary to keep open air vents since closing them causes additional dust to collect. The position of the air vents can be changed using levers on the air vents. Additionally, it is important to keep obstacles away from events.

6. Conduct Routine Inspections

To ensure your air duct is in perfect condition, routine inspections must be performed after each set of a few days, every two weeks, etc. Without routine inspections, you won’t be able to spot any problems or debris accumulating in the air duct before it starts to affect your breathing.

7. Avoid Using Dense Fabric

Curtains and carpets are not recommended because dust particles become clogged in them. Carpets are made of dense fabric, making cleaning them a difficult task. Even when a carpet is cleaned, dust particles remain in the air for a long period. As a result, using dense fabric increases the likelihood of clogging the HVAC air ducts.

Don’t forget to maintain your wall-mounted AC unit before summer starts. You will thank yourself when you’re sitting comfortably and cool during the hot weather.

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