7 Reasons to Get an Air Conditioner Tune-up

7 Reasons to Get an Air Conditioner Tune-up

There are various reasons to get an AC tune-up. With the heat in Los Angeles, you can never go wrong with getting an AC tune-up. You can save money, electricity, and the environment. We have mentioned seven reasons below on why you should get an AC tune-up.

Reduced Bills

According to energy star, 13 % of the bill goes towards cooling expenses. This percentage can vary based on different factors. Through an AC repair in Los Angeles by a skilled technician, you can improve the power consumption and energy efficiency throughout the summer.

Extended Lifespan

According to research, an average Ac unit lasts up to 15- 20 years if maintained well. Regular check-ups and routine maintenance will lead to a longer extended life of your HVAC system, and this sounds much better than investing in a whole new AC. We provide mini split ac repair in Los Angeles.

More Consistent Cooling

If your AC unit isn’t functioning properly, it may have a hard time consistently cooling your home. The temperature may also vary depending on the room. However, with regular AC repair in Los Angeles, you will gain more control over the cooling power in your home.

Fewer Repairs

If you do constant AC repair in Los Angeles, there won’t be issues if you deal with them beforehand. The technician can catch up with the problem before it has a chance to get even more complicated. So get your mini split ac repair in Los Angeles, today!

Reduce Breakdowns

An AC repair in Los Angeles will also reduce the risk of a breakdown. Having an AC tune-ups means trained technicians checking for any issues and putting the solutions in place. You may not have the surprise of a broken AC. We also provide the best AC repair in Los Angeles.

Filter Replacement

The filter gathers dust and can create moisture, likely leading to mold and bacterial growth. Our Ac Repair in Los Angeles will replace the air filters and ensure good quality air circulated at home. You can cut back on the allergies, and it will remove all the pesky allergens and improve your comfort.

A Jumpstart For Your AC

During winters, it is very likely you might not use your AC at all. As it is left inactive, it can cause dirt and dust to build up inside the system, which can cause a mechanical or electrical fault that you might not know of until the summer. A licensed technician will be able to clean your system and check for any issues, which will give your AC a jumpstart for the summer.

It is essential to have an HVAC technician look at the electrical connections, fuses, circuit breakers, refrigeration levels, lubricate the required components, replacing the filters, etc.

For professional AC repair in Los Angeles, contact Dr. Ductless Heating and AC experts. We also provide mini split AC repair in Los Angeles. Call us at (213) 916-0005 and book a service today!


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