9 Key Features Of Mini-Split Heating And Cooling Systems

9 Key Features Of Mini-Split Heating And Cooling Systems

Ductless mini-splits are the modern age heating and cooling system that everybody prefers to install in their household. Are you among those who do not know why there is so much fuss about the mini-split heating and cooling systems?

Well, worry not! Dr. Ductless Heating and Cooling technicians will explain why investing in mini-split AC installation in Los Angeles is beneficial.

Features That Will Make You Instantly Want To Buy A New Mini-Split AC System!

Here are some essential features of the mini-split AC system that are the reasons why people are switching to them: 

  • Temperature control: It must be tough for a homeowner to hear your family fight over AC temperature. Ductless mini-split cooling and heating systems easily solve this problem by providing the facility of multiple AC indoor units attached to one AC outdoor unit.

    The system helps you have more control over temperature and effectively uses energy resources. All AC units in other rooms can be switched off if your family is gathered in one room. 
  • Multiple specific cooling zones: A central AC unit that has ducts provides cooling to rooms where there is no need. It is a waste of energy and money. But since ductless AC and heating units have multiple indoor units, energy wastage is minimized to a certain extent.

    Four indoor units can be installed with one AC outdoor unit. The mini-split AC installation technician in Los Angeles will install the AC handlers as per your wish, whichever you want to install. Everyone will enjoy summers and winters in their personalized and preferred temperature zone. 

  • Energy efficiency: Ductless mini-splits are energy-efficient units with different smart features that give us more control over the temperature and AC system settings. Moreover, mini-split AC units in winters do not generate heat, but they transfer the heat from one place to another.

  • Impressive design: According to ductless mini-split experts in Los Angeles, the most amazing feature is the small and compact design of the system that gives them the freedom to be installed anywhere in the house.

    Moreover, these systems do not require ducts to transport the processed air. So, you save money on duct installation and maintenance and no energy losses due to the duct system.

  • Indoor air quality: A duct system records around 30% energy loss due to gaps in or loose ducts. The duct system is a hub for dust, dirt, mold, bacteria, and animal infections. It increases the risk of health complications in your family members.

    According to the ductless mini-split expert in Los Angeles, the absence of a duct system in the mini-splits makes a great feature that boosts the system efficiency. 

Some Other Features That Make Them Popular In The HVAC World

  • The indoor unit can be installed anywhere but should be at least 7-8 feet above the ground. 
  • The outdoor unit is installed on the residence’s exterior wall closest to the indoor unit. 
  • It uses refrigerants that do not affect the environment, like refrigerant 410a. 
  • It supports mounting advanced air filters like UV or HEPA to increase indoor air quality. 

If you still think about whether a ductless mini-split cooling and heating system will fit your home’s aesthetic, contact Dr. Ductless Cooling and Heating for a mini-split AC installation technician in Los Angeles and surroundings for a quick house estimate service! Call (213) 916-0005 to schedule an appointment. 


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