Are Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners Energy Efficient?

Are Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners Energy Efficient?

Many household owners are trying to switch to energy-efficient equipment because of the increasing fuel rates. We look forward to HVAC systems that require less maintenance for the long term.

It is essential to understand these advanced technical systems will come with a comparatively higher cost, but it ends up working out because you save money on future expenses.

Why Are Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems Energy-Efficient Systems?

Ductless mini-splits AC systems are energy efficient because of the following reasons as per our mini-split air conditioner installation technician in Los Angeles.

  • Ducts are accountable for 30% of energy loss, but since there are no ducts in the mini-splits for air distribution, the energy is conserved.

  • Mini-splits heat pump systems do not use the fuel or energy resources for generating heat but for transferring air from one place to another.

  • Since ductless heat pumps can work in all seasons, you do not require two different HVAC systems for summers and winters.

  • Mini-splits are designed to provide specific-zone services so you can install different AC indoor units in multiple rooms. You switch off the ones, not in use, and you can save the energy bills.

Are All The Ductless AC Units Energy-Star Verified?

It may be strange to find that some AC units are energy-star verified, but others are not. Mini-split air conditioner technicians in Los Angeles say ductless units are energy-efficient. 

The energy star label is a government seal or symbol that identifies the HVAC system as energy-efficient and saves money on the electricity bill. 

The US Environmental Protection Agency introduced the Energy Star label in 1992.  

An HVAC system gets an energy-star label only when it follows the following criteria: 

  • If the system contributes to significant energy savings all across the US states.

  • The system must have all the features and performance according to the customer demands while keeping the energy efficiency criteria. 

  • The HVAC system passes all the tests, and the performance and energy consumption are verified. 

  • Energy efficiency is achieved using broadly available and non-proprietary technologies offered by multiple manufacturers. 

  • If the conventional and less costly counterparts are available, then the buyers will recover the investment through savings in utility bills. 

Are There Any Cons To Buying A Ductless Mini-Split AC System?

If you find the ductless mini-splits AC units flawless, it hurts to break them, but there are some cons to buying ductless units. 

  • Many people find the high cost of the HVAC unit as the main flaw, which makes people rethink their decision.

  • Sometimes, their structure is the problem. For some people having an AC system installed in the room is sore to the eyes. The tubes and the system mess up the interior decor and look odd with all the expensive furniture and decor items.

  • It affects the condenser working if the outdoor unit is installed in a sunlit area. So, if there is no shady area in your backyard, install a sunshade over the outdoor AC unit to obstruct the sunlight. 

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