Are Wall Air Conditioners Expensive To Run?

Are Wall Air Conditioners Expensive To Run?

Hot summers can be painful, especially if you don’t have air conditioning in your house. Because installing a central air conditioning unit is a huge undertaking and could be costly, many homes prefer wall-mounted air conditioners instead.

A wall unit is a single, self-contained air conditioner that can chill any room. It does not require any ductwork. If you only need to cool one room, a wall-mounted air conditioner is the best choice.

Before you begin calculating the monthly costs of your wall-mounted air conditioner, you should be familiar with the following features:

How Many Watts Does Your AC Unit Consume?


The energy-saving label of your air conditioner displays the power usage of your ac unit, which is measured in watts. It refers to the rate at which a device consumes or produces electricity.
A medium-sized window or wall-mounted air conditioner consumes 900 watts per hour.

Several factors can raise or lower those numbers.

1. The capacity of your air conditioner

Unsurprisingly, the capacity of air conditioners is the most important factor of energy use. AC capacity is measured by experts using British thermal units.

In general, you’ll need around 20 BTUs per square foot, adjusted for your local climate and home’s requirements. The greater the size of your property, the greater the cooling capacity required, and the more energy you will later pay.

2. The efficiency rating of your air conditioner

Not all air conditioners that provide the necessary number of BTUs will be equally efficient. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings are given to air conditioners. It is calculated by dividing the cooling output per season by the number of watts utilised per hour. The greater the SEER rating of your air conditioner, the more efficient it will be.

3. Electrical devices in your room

Every electrical device in your room generates heat, which raises the temperature of your room and forces your air conditioner to work harder to chill the same volume of air, resulting in higher power usage.

  • Operational hours

The number of hours per day you will operate the unit.

  • The cost of kilowatts per hour

The energy consumption of the unit is measured in kilowatt-hours units. Examine your electric bill to discover how much it costs per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The rate varies considerably depending on where you reside.

How to Estimate an AC’s Power Consumption:


For example, A 900-watt air conditioner will consume 900 watts x 8 hours = 7200 watt-hours = 7.2-kilowatt-hours = 7.2 units of power.

You can use this formula to calculate power consumption per hour or electricity usage for any air conditioner – window, split, or inverter air conditioner.

Most modern air conditioners with energy-saving stars and inverter technology compressors do not consume more energy. With the help of Dr Ductless Heating and Cooling, you can find the best cooling system for your home. You can contact us at (213) 916-0005.


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