Do You Need A Mini Split In Every Room?

Do You Need A Mini Split In Every Room?

When summer temperatures rise, it is a good idea to keep your house cool and comfortable throughout the year. Ductless air conditioning is becoming a popular solution. The mini-split is the perfect system for large homes with many rooms, offices, and schools. 

If you want to install a ductless mini-split air conditioner in Los Angeles, there are many benefits you will be gaining. The most common are reduced utility, heating and cooling costs, improved energy efficiency, quieter operation, improved home comfort, and extended lifespan. 

But the question remains. Do you need these split ac for every room? So the answer is that whether or not each room has a split depends on several factors. So let’s walk through some of the points that will tell whether you need these devices in every room or not. 

Which Rooms Need A Mini-Split?

The rooms in a house that require a mini-split are usually bedrooms, living rooms, basements, attics, and offices. These spaces are heavily trafficked and will benefit from individual temperature controls, especially if different members have different tastes. Having a mini-split room unit in every room is not beneficial as it wastes energy and time. 

For example, placing the device in a small corridor can be counterproductive because the device can be too large for the space. Short cycles can occur if the device is too large for the space in which it is installed. Another thing you may need to think about is whether the room requires a mini-split unit. Sometimes other factors, such as draft windows, can be modified before expensive heating and cooling systems are needed. 

Rooms that do not require a mini-split include rarely used spaces such as corridors, bathrooms, closets, or low humidity storage rooms. Storage and walk-in closets do not need temperature control, as those who enter these rooms probably would not stay there for long.

Advantages Of Multiple Mini-Split Air Handlers.

Mini-split air conditioners are a top choice for homeowners nowadays. The mini-split has many advantages over traditional air conditioners, including: 

  • Air conditioning units are installed in every zone of the bedroom, kitchen, and living room so that you can control the heating and cooling of each room individually. 
  • Provides improved efficiency and reduced energy loss with ducts. 
  •  Ability to heat homes four times more efficiently than a furnace and skirting heaters.
  • Ability to dehumidify the house without cooling it 
  • Cleaner air on average.


Ductless systems are currently gaining importance in the United States. When installing a ductless system, working with knowledgeable and experienced professionals from Dr. Ductless Heating and Cooling is imperative.

Our experts will help determine the system’s sizing and zoning requirements that are important for proper functioning. Our team of certified technicians can provide excellent HVAC services such as adjustment, repair, installation, and replacement. 

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