Does A Ductless Air Conditioner Need To Be On An Outside Wall?

Does A Ductless Air Conditioner Need To Be On An Outside Wall?

Ductless mini-split heating and cooling appliances are preferred for their low operating costs, efficiency, and capability to cool or heat your home. Nevertheless, one thing always keeps individuals from purchasing a ductless heating and cooling device is its installation. Since one device is needed to inhabit each space you want to heat or cool, you will need to install a rectangular, big-sized air handler on the mounted front wall.

Understandably, this could appear obtrusive, and numerous homeowners entirely overlook their air handlers, making the installation challenging. Hence when planning a ductless installation, it is better to consult a professional who can better guide you on why installing a ductless air conditioner in Los Angeles on the front wall is better.

Points to Remember When Planning a Ductless Installation

Below are some important points to remember when installing a ductless heating and cooling device at your place.

  • The Device Must Be Installed Only On Exterior Walls: An exterior wall is any separator in the house that makes immediate contact with the outdoors. For instance, an interior wall would be a division in a kitchen or bedroom that shares a wall with the living room. On the other hand, an exterior wall shares a division with the backyard. Therefore, installing a ductless unit on the front wall is better to ensure other components, like air handlers, get adequate working space.

  • Bedrooms: Heating and cooling appliances should be positioned above the bed. If the thought of a huge air handler over your head doesn’t make you feel relaxed, the next most suitable placement would be on the division across from your feet.

  • Even Air Distribution: The air handler in a ductless heating and cooling appliance must be positioned in a location to ensure air is spread equally throughout the room. The suggested placement is approximately seven feet above the base but as near to the roof as permitted. Since it will differ depending on each air conditioner brand, your best bet is to follow the suggestions of our expert installing ductless AC in Los Angeles.

  • The Unit Must Remain Out of Immediate Sunlight: Sunlight can cause the air handler to misunderstand the room’s temperature, so you won’t like to put it in a location that welcomes sunlight at any moment of the day.

  • Keep The Device Away From Heavy Objects: While it might be hard to keep the ductless cooling unit away from some furniture, an attempt should be made to keep it away from electronic appliances like computers, TVs, or heat sources. These machines can impact the temperature reading of the air handler.

To Summarize

In a nutshell, ductless air conditioning appliances provide you with the utmost control, comfort, and convenience, and you save power by enjoying the smart air conditioning. If you’re looking to keep a comfortable indoor climate without increasing your energy bills, it is time to call our experts at Dr. Ductless for your air conditioner installation.

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