Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning In Santa Monica

Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning In Santa Monica

Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning in Santa Monica

Dr. Ductless Prescribes An Energy-Efficiency HVAC System!

Are you tired of long, hot Southern California summers? Are you looking for relief through a new AC system in your apartment? Then contact Dr. Ductless today for ductless heating and air conditioning in Santa Monica!

Ductless AC Is The Future Of Air Conditioning

Recognized in the HVAC industry as the future of air conditioning, ductless systems are far more energy-efficient than traditional central air conditioning and window units. They are also quieter, more customizable, and easier to install than your average AC system.

Nate-Certified For Ductless Services

At Dr. Ductless, our factory trained team of NATE (North American Technician Excellence)-certified pros are proud to specialize in this technology. Whether you’re looking to put in a new system, fix up your current one, or just need to give your equipment a tune-up, our Santa Monica ductless experts have got you covered. For service backed by over 15 years of experience, call Dr. Ductless today.

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The Benefits Of A Mini Split System

Besides greater energy savings, lower utility bills, and better air quality, ductless systems also allow you to customize your comfort levels. Our Santa Monica ductless HVAC professionals can show you how to use your new system for zoning, which allows you to redirect different amounts of hot and cool air to various rooms in your home. This brings us back to how ductless systems can save you money, since you’ll never be using more air than you need in any room.

Installing a ductless mini split system in your Santa Monica home offers benefits like:

  • Reduced energy usage: Mini split technology is built around the concept of a heat pump. Instead of producing heat, these systems focus on transferring heat, which requires much less energy.
  • Lower monthly energy bills: Obviously, if a mini split requires less energy, then it will cost less to run it. The unit is also smaller and sends warm or cool air directly into the room where it is installed. The savings that result from this can be significant.
  • Custom comfort for different family members/roommates: While central HVAC systems distribute air at the same temperature throughout the home, ductless systems can be used to create different “zones” in the home, each with its own temperature.
  • Decreased carbon footprint: Because a central HVAC system distributes air through ductwork, a significant percentage of energy is lost along the way. Mini splits provide a much higher level of energy efficiency.
  • Optimum comfort control: Mini split systems can be installed with cutting-edge features such as automatic timers and remote control thermostats. This allows everyone in the home the maximum amount of personal control of the temperature of their environment.

Our technicians also tailor their services to every home they visit, offering on-site estimates to evaluate your specific comfort and energy needs, and providing solutions to fit your unique comfort preferences.

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All The Ductless Options You Need

From ductless equipment repairs to ductless cleaning and maintenance to ductless system installation and replacement, Dr. Ductless is just what the doctor ordered. We also offer affordable financing options and free in-home estimate, so everyone can experience our premium comfort services, regardless of their budget. If you are tired of your old, clunky HVAC system, stop settling for less comfort, and hire Dr. Ductless to upgrade your Santa Monica home today!

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