Edison Heat Pump Rebate

Edison Heat Pump Rebate

Maximize Savings with the Edison Heat Pump Rebate Program

Various programs motivate homeowners to use energy-efficient devices instead of fuel-based appliances to help preserve the environment. As the owner, you should be aware of such programs that can help you save money on your bills each month while you contribute to preserving the environment. One such program is the Edison heat pump program.

If you do not want to research much about this, you can contact your HVAC company to know more details or let Dr. Ductless Heating & Cooling help you out.

Who Are We?

Dr. Ductless started serving the families of Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach in 2001, and our years of working experience have made us the favorite company of these families.

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  • Residential HVAC services
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  • Additional dwelling unit services

We deal with all types of HVAC appliances, whether heating or cooling. Our professionals will make sure to analyze your appliance on all levels to find the real problem and fix it accordingly.

How Can You Apply For The Edison Heat Pump Program?

You can apply to this program in two ways. The first method involves you doing your research and applying yourself. You may miscalculate on some levels that can lead to the rejection of your article, so you should be careful while doing it on your own.

The second way is to ask your HVAC company to do everything for you, starting from the calculations to the installation of the new appliances. Contacting us to apply for the program will help you avoid the headache and nuisance of the application.

Our Services

  • Ductless Services
    We provide services like ductless AC services, ductless heating services, ductless repair, ductless installation, and ductless cleaning. You can trust our team with all these services for the best work quality.
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    Our technicians can repair, maintain, service, and install your air conditioner at the best affordable rates in the HVAC market. We also provide regular tune-up services for an efficient system.
  • Heating Services
    Just like air conditioner services, we provide a wide range of heating services like repairing and servicing. Our technicians have adequate hands-on experience for all types of models.

Why are We the Best?

Our unique features and qualities make us the leading HVAC name in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

  • Quick Work
    We understand the trouble of living with a malfunctioning system. Our team will reach you at the earliest once you contact our customer help desk and fix your appliance as quickly as possible.
  • Updated Knowledge
    We ensure that our technicians and teams remain updated with all the latest inventions and models that happen in the HVAC world. Staying up-to-date with such information helps us serve you better.

    Contact us to know more about the heat pump equipment rebates.

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