Here’s How You Can Choose The Best Location To Make The Most Of Your Air Conditioner Unit

Here’s How You Can Choose The Best Location To Make The Most Of Your Air Conditioner Unit

What with soaring temperatures and rising humidity levels, life sure becomes hard without an air conditioner. Especially in tropical countries, air conditioners are fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. However, not everyone can afford to get a Mitsubishi ductless AC unit placed in each room. Fortunately, an easy solution is to maximize your air conditioner’s efficacy and minimize the hole burning in your pocket.

Where To Place The Outdoor Unit:

The outdoor unit, also known as the condenser, is the main component of your air conditioning system, which produces cool air by moving the refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser coil. The condenser unit must be placed outside your home not to interrupt the supply of cold air.

  • The condenser unit should be well ventilated- Better ventilation means that hot air circulates faster. By placing the condenser in a spot that receives good airflow, you can prevent overheating your machine and optimize the cooling performance inside the house.
  • The condenser unit should be away from direct sunlight- Following the same reasoning of preventing overheating, the air conditioner’s condenser should be placed in a spot where it doesn’t receive direct sunlight. Consider getting a visor or overhead shade to minimize heat absorption.

Where To Place The Indoor Unit:

Although a huge part of the system’s overall performance lies in the performance of the condenser, the real star of the show has to be the indoor unit- also known as the fan coil unit. You can improve its efficacy by choosing an optimum location for your wall mount with the following tips:

  • Stay away from sources that produce direct heat. Since the main work of the fan coil unit is to stay cool and propagate cool air, being too close to any form of heat such as electrical appliances, light bulbs, or even direct sunlight can be detrimental to its performance.
  • Stay away from obstacles in the airflow- By keeping an open layout free from closed doors and other large furniture, it becomes easier for the fan coil unit to circulate cool air. It can thus cool the room much faster, increasing efficiency.
  • Install the unit at the height- The phenomenon of hot air being lighter and cool air being heavier is something we are all taught in school. Using this logic, the ideal height for your fan coil unit’s placement is 7 feet or 2m up from the floor, which allows the cold air to settle down while automatically being distributed gradually.

Have No More Second Thoughts!

Reading the list above may have prepared you about what to look for when placing your air conditioning system. However, not all can do it alone and might consider hiring a professional to get the job done.

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