How Big Of A Mini Split Do I Need For My Garage?

How Big Of A Mini Split Do I Need For My Garage?

It was a long time ago when people used to park only cars in their garage. Since the times have changed, people prefer to use their garages for more than just parking, i.e., as a storage space, workshop, hangout space, and much more. Read more to find out how a mini-split system can change the complete look of your garage and upgrade it worth having a small get-together. Get Mini Split Air Conditioner Los Angeles from reliable big brands to enjoy perfection.

Mini-Split AC Units For Garages

Working in a garage can be super hectic. You can become a sweating machine in summers; for this, a mini-split ac unit is the best option to get as an alternative to a full-blown HVAC system. These small size ac units can fit into various spaces and give you the right amount of cooling you need.

It is very quick to install a mini-split unit in a garage without the need for ducts, and therefore, instead of having a network of ducts above your head, getting a mini-split is more feasible, or say, perfect.

Mini-Split AC Units For Small Garages

Before investing in any HVAC system or home appliance, it is always recommended to check the size of your space. For instance, a mini-split ac won’t work in a crowded place, so you must understand that size and cooling efficiency are related.

However, a mini-split of up to 9,000 BTU could work sufficiently for a one-car garage. But for a two-car garage, a slightly more powerful mini-split of up to 12,000 BTU will work the best.

Mini-split ac units for big garages

Big garages are generally found with business owners and workers. The most common size for a big garage is about 22ft by 32ft, which would work fine with a mini-split of up to 18000 BTU. However, for even larger-sized places of up to 40ft, a mini-split system of up to 30,000 to 36,000 BTU could make the best choice.

From the above information, it is clear that the larger the space, the greater the BTU we need, so taking accurate measurements is the key to unlocking a new level of comfort.

Cost To Install A Mini-Split AC Unit In The Garage

Cost is probably the biggest halt when it comes to installing a mini-split in garages. When compared, people find it easy to install a portable ac or a window ac. However, the total cost is divided into two parts- one is the 50% upfront cost, and the second is the 50% labor cost. The given price range may look a bit high to you, but for a long-lasting installation and to avoid regular issues with the repair, it is better that you go to professionals only.


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