How Do Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners Drain?

How Do Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners Drain?

Wall-mounted air conditioners are very different from traditional centralized air conditioners. Although a piece of the unit jutting out of the wall might make you ponder its functionality, its functionality is quite simple. The placement of these air conditioning wall units is crucial and is determined by the room’s size, shape, and furnishing. To begin with, a wall-mounted or ductless AC has three crucial components:

1. The Indoor Unit

The indoor unit is the part you can see when you walk into a room or any space. It is responsible for collecting moisture and warm air and sending it back to the outdoor unit via the conduit. It also simultaneously delivers cool air from the condenser in the outdoor unit, hence cooling the room faster. The size of these indoor units depends upon their requirement, meaning the size of the room they are going to be placed in. A bigger space would naturally require a bigger AC unit.

2. The Conduit

Conduit is an integral part of a wall-mounted AC. It’s like a bridge between the two components. A minor fault or leak can render the whole air conditioning wall unit inefficient. A conduit has three components

  • Power cable
  • Condensate drain
  • Refrigerant tubing

3. The Outdoor Unit

As the name suggests, this part of the AC stays outdoors. It takes up the warm air, condenses it into cooler air, and sends it to the indoor unit and into the room through the conduit. It also releases the air collected by the indoor unit out into the atmosphere, thus filtering the air at the same time. An outdoor unit is usually put in an open space with ample room around to work efficiently.


Now that you have knowledge about the parts of a ductless air conditioner, understanding how it drains would be much easier. The warm air with the moisture that the indoor unit collects from your room is condensed into water droplets and drained via the condensate drain. The condensate drain in a split AC might be placed indoors or outdoors.

Sometimes these drains clog due to mould build-up. It is totally normal since these air conditioners take out gallons of water from the air each day. Without such condensation and drainage, an air conditioner like Mitsubishi ductless in Los Angeles would have to work way more to bring the temperature in your room to a desirable point.

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