How Do Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners Work

How Do Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners Work

For people who live in a moderate climate, residential apartments, and compact spaces, it is fairly easy to install a wall-mounted AC unit and manage it all year long.

These systems follow a ductless and compartmentalized approach, yet the energy efficiency is much higher than ducted air conditioning systems. Before you buy a wall-mounted ductless AC unit, make sure you know the basics given here.

Installation of Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

A wall-mounted air conditioner is the easiest to install compared to a central air ducted system. It requires a solid wall strong enough to hold the mounting plates, and you can place the indoor unit anywhere in your room. However, remember that it should be around six feet high on the wall and not face a door directly.

For better air circulation, keep the layout of your room in mind so that nothing obstructs the airway. For the outdoor condenser unit, you can place it anywhere outside your home with a clear heat exchange zone. There should be no plants or walls around the outdoor unit, only a few feet of clear air to release the heat.

Working On A Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

A typical wall-mounted air conditioner is a rectangular cooling compartment to be fitted on an indoor wall and connected to the outdoor unit through a duct. The principle of cooling stays the same, where warm air from outside is passed over the refrigerant coils for cooling and delivered to you.

The high cooling efficiency of these units comes from the weather-proof, airtight seal of the connecting duct through the wall.

Benefits Of A Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

If you want to lower the energy costs while prolonging the life of your AC, a ductless AC unit could be your best option.

  • No Ductwork Hassle

A wall-mounted AC unit requires no ductwork for cooling. It is a single unit that can operate extremely well in small spaces. You can save your money by investing in this system.

  • Better Cooling Control

Ductless AC units provide you complete control over cooling. These individual units work for one room, leaving all other places warm.

  • Energy Saving

The wall-mounted units are fixed on the wall with no air gaps behind them, unlike window AC. Thus, you can save both energy and money by investing in this system.

Cost of Installing A Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

On average, a ductless AC unit’s installation cost is around $3,000. However, it depends on the number of units you need for your home, the energy-efficiency rating, and the professional technician you hire, which can all add up to $10,000. Going with the standard heating speculations, for an indoor wall unit that cools about 400 sq feet, you will have to pay $1000 for installation.

The Bottom Line

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