How Do You Maintain A Ductless Air Conditioner?

How Do You Maintain A Ductless Air Conditioner?

To have an efficient and cost-effective AC unit, ductless AC in Lawndale is one of the best options. And, if maintained properly, it can run efficiently for years. While it is recommended that you hire a professional to handle most of the maintenance tasks, there are a few things you can do to maintain the performance of your ductless system.

How Do You Maintain A Ductless Air Conditioner In Lawndale, CA?

For your ductless air conditioner to work efficiently without facing major breakdowns and expensive repairs, provide this basic maintenance to your ductless air conditioner unit.

  • Regular cleaning of the filters: Filters that aren’t clean lose efficiency and cost more to operate. It would help if you regularly cleaned the filters to ensure your air conditioner operates to its fullest potential. To get rid of the accumulated dust, carefully remove the filters and wipe them with a clean, dry cloth. You must replace them if they are damaged or cannot be cleaned properly.

  • Examine the pipes: Pipes should be cleaned frequently because accumulated dust, dirt, and other particulates can prevent airflow. This makes it impossible for ductless air conditioners to operate effectively. Cracks and leaks may further hamper the functioning of the pipes and air ducts.

  • Don’t forget to dust: Make sure the outside of your ductless air conditioner is clean. If dust begins to build up, it will eventually find its way to the active components and interfere with how well the system works. Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth or a safe chemical cleaner weekly. To prevent them from becoming clogged, ensure the outdoor vents are free of dust and debris.

  • Make sure nothing is blocking the unit: Verify that no pieces of furniture or artwork are blocking the output of your ductless air conditioner. Each unit needs at least four feet of clear space to cool or heat your home effectively.

Why Do You need to sign up for a maintenance plan?

An expert ductless air conditioner service in Lawndale involves more than just cleaning your unit it also ensures it is in the best condition possible and avoids any potential breakdowns, particularly before significant weather changes. You can anticipate the following maintenance tasks from your visit:

  • comprehensive performance and safety checks.
  • Lubricate any necessary components.
  • Ensure electrical connections are secure.
  • Inspecting and replacing the filters
  • Remove all sand and dirt.

Benefits Of Regular Inspection By A Professional

Although ductless air conditioners can be installed more quickly and affordably than central HVAC systems, the cost of the unit itself is higher. Ensure your unit receives the necessary maintenance to make your investment worthwhile, which are:

  • Comparatively extended lifespan of AC unit
  • Works more efficiently
  • Reducing the repair costs
  • Provides better air quality

The energy costs of air systems can be reduced when using ductless air conditioners, cooling, and heating systems. They are the preferred option for newly built homes and homes that rely on electric or radiator baseboard heating and don’t have any existing ductwork.


A ductless split system can be a fantastic option if you consider updating your home’s air conditioning system. Contact us Dr. Ductless Heating and Cooling for high-quality ductless air conditioner service in Lawndale.


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