How Long Do Mitsubishi Split Systems Last?

How Long Do Mitsubishi Split Systems Last?

When it comes to lifespan comparison, ductless split ac systems hold a greater advantage over other conventional central and ducted units. Age of the compressors defines its working efficiency, which is altered by sudden on and off of the system due to fluctuations in electricity. Also, the average usage hours in hotter regions are longer than usual, reducing efficiency by 30%.

The Lifespan Of The Mitsubishi Split AC System

Per customer reviews, the ductless Mitsubishi AC systems have proven to be reliable. It is said that the lifespan of such devices is around 20 years, even when used for years without the need for repairs. In many cases, the compressor, motor, or blower gets damaged from the surface due to excessive packing, moving, and re-installations.

Due to meticulous customer support and extensive services, Mitsubishi electricals offer you a 2x times longer lifespan without requiring frequent repairs. With public reviews, you can assume that the Mitsubishi ductless split ac systems are designed to last longer than any other in terms of sturdy performance.

Why Does A Ductless Mitsubishi Split System Last Longer Than Any Other?

A ductless split system depends on its compressor for its cooling efficiency. This compressor is set in its outdoor unit, where it exchanges hot and cool air in turn, conditioning your home. Therefore, maintenance and repair of a compressor are a must in ac units. However, the Mitsubishi split system has shown advantages over others. 

  • Proper pressure maintenance: The compressors in conventional ducted air conditioners can not take much pressure because of the improperly sized and mismanaged air ducts, which results in high static pressure, causing the compressor to overheat. Such situations do not happen in Mitsubishi split systems.
  • Inverter technology: The Mitsubishi Split AC Unit works on inverter-based compressors that allow the ac to start over without taking the load of a sudden start. These compressors have a variable speed that allows adjusting the fluctuations of a sudden on and thereby avoiding damage to the AC. No current fluctuations and no overheating result in an increased lifespan.
  • No refrigerant leaks: Leaks are the biggest problems with ducts and are commonly found in conventional ducted central ac systems. This leaking coolant is toxic to the environment and causes severe damage to the inner ac machinery when it gets blocked with dirt and dust. Such issues will shorten the lifespan of the compressor and your ac ultimately.
  • No ducts, no hassle: Mitsubishi ductless split systems are hassle-free and safer than other traditional ducted ones. The compressor technology is constantly improving, enhancing the overall experience of a person with these devices.

Ways To Increase The Lifespan Of AC Units

There is nothing as good as regular maintenance for your home appliances. Even for split ac systems, checking airflow, and cleaning ducts, filters, coils, and motors, can help your machine go a long way, more than expected.


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