How Long Does It Take To Install A Mini Split?

How Long Does It Take To Install A Mini Split?

When you are moving to a new place, a new HVAC system must be installed. It is a priority to consider heating and cooling with a system that works for a long run. And for such spaces, a mini-split air conditioner is the best choice. Due to being ductless, such units are perfect for remodeling projects and flexible in dealing with repairs without any damage. Therefore, read more to find out about such AC units.

Installation Of A Mini-Split Air Conditioner

The indoor units of mini split air conditioners are compact and, thus, can be installed anywhere on the wall, along with the ceiling, right above the floor, and in other suitable places. These indoor parts are easy to conceal and won’t interfere with the layout of your space. 

  • Installation of the indoor unit: The indoor AC unit is much smaller than the usual ones, so you can find the best place to fit it wherever you want. The first step is to fix studs on the wall of choice for support and then drill small holes of around 3″ to install the mounting brackets. The AC unit is set on these mounts adjacent to the walls for proper support.

    Additional tiny holes will also be drilled for other refrigerant lines, control lines, and drain tubes pushed through the wall for a better connection to the outdoor unit. All the writings are connected through the holes and double-checked to avoid accidental damage. An overall inspection is carried out after installing both outdoor and indoor units.

  • Installation of the outdoor unit: The best position for an outdoor ac unit is a concrete block, ground, or the exterior wall with the support of strong mounting brackets. All the lines, tubes, and wirings from the indoor unit are precisely connected to the outdoor one through the hole.

    For a longer run, the refrigerant tube is covered with tape or foil against rain and dirt. However, for a professional installation service, you should call Bosch Mini Split Lawndale and stay stress-free. 

Time Required In The Installation Of A Mini-Split Air Conditioner

When you hire professionals, the installation process takes no more than two days and can go without complications. The average installation time depends on the size of the ac unit and the arrangement of the surroundings, particularly the doors and windows. The whole system has to be mounted on the wall with the support of air handlers kept on a mounting frame as the base.

All these installations are permanent, so the technician should be a professional who can manage the power cable and refrigerant lines through the wall accurately. When you have multiple installations to be done, it might take more time. Yet, this ac system is more efficient, and one unit can be set up within a few hours. Since the process is not based on hard-and-fast rules, it is easy for seasoned professionals.


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