How Long Does It Take To Install A Split System Air Conditioner?

How Long Does It Take To Install A Split System Air Conditioner?

As temperatures increase due to global warming, it is only expected that summers would get hotter with time and naturally, it would be impossible to live without an AC system. We need smart solutions to modern problems and an energy-efficient AC system to beat the heat. Keeping your AC system operating for the whole time is not a solution to this problem. 

Ductless AC installation experts in Los Angeles recommend switching to a split AC system to protect the earth from further damage and keep our electricity bills on the level.

Switching To A Ductless AC Unit - A Smart Idea?

Ductless AC units are the smart solution. There are many advanced technologies like geothermal heat pumps and solar-powered equipment, but they are expensive, per our ductless AC experts in Los Angeles. They may need a higher installation fortune, but they are guaranteed to provide you savings and comfort in the long run. 

Compared to other technology, ductless mini-split AC systems can easily fit into your budget. 

Ductless Mini-Splits Take Less Time For Installation!

Yes, you heard it right! Most people prefer to purchase a ductless AC system because it does not require much hassle and time in installation. An AC system with brand new ducts needs around 2-4 days for installation. However, a ducted AC system needs 1-2 days for installation. 

But the scenario with mini-split is different. It only requires around 1-3 hours for installation, and at the maximum, it requires 4-6 hours if there are more indoor AC units to install. 

Why Should You Choose A Ductless Mini-Split AC System As The Replacement Unit?

A ductless mini-split works like a traditional AC system but with some changes in the distribution system and structure. Here are some reasons why should you choose them, according to our ductless AC experts in Los Angeles

  • They are not complex units like a central air conditioning system that needs ducts for air distribution. You save your money on the installation and maintenance of ducts.


  • A ductless mini-split is not heavy like a central AC system that needs additional power to carry the unit where you want.


  • Refrigerant is an essential component in the cooling cycle, and it is one of the root causes why we are suffering from global warming. Ductless AC units are designed to work with refrigerants that do not cause any harm to nature like R-410.


  • Ductless AC systems come with smart features that give you more control over the air conditioning system than ever.


  • Energy consumption causes environmental pollution, but ductless mini-split effectively transforms fuel into energy, causing less pollution. 

If you are looking for a way to save yourself from this year’s heat, Dr. Ductless Heating and Cooling has a variety of options available as per your requirements. Call (213) 916-0005 and explain your query to our ductless AC installation experts in Los Angeles. 


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