How To Safely Test A Mini Split AC Without Installing It?

How To Safely Test A Mini Split AC Without Installing It?

The internet provides many DIYs to save money and time. But unfortunately, many DIY explanations are not as useful as we think they are in some instances. Sometimes a mistake in the DIY process can cost you hundreds of dollars, especially in relation to the mini-split AC system in Los Angeles.

Is It Necessary To Call A Professional For Mini-Split Installation?

Here are some reasons that make it essential to call a ductless air conditioner installation technician in Los Angeles for the installation process. Because if things go south, the technician knows how to handle it.

  • Professionals have a toolset and equipment designed for installing the system accurately.

  • The HVAC technicians are certified, trained, and experienced in performing the services quickly because they have done this before. The professionals know where to install the mini-split AC system in Los Angeles, so it provides efficient services.

  • AC components are carefully handled to avoid hampering the component and the cooling process. You might not get a warranty advantage because of the brand manufacturing company’s policy.

  • An AC professional will properly install the HVAC unit and avoid all the emergencies caused by improper installation.

  • A tiny mistake in the AC installation can cause water leakage problems and inefficient cooling issues. The manufacturing company may only provide the repair service if the system is installed by a professional AC technician.

Steps A Technician Follows To Install A Ductless Mini-Split AC System.

The installation process is divided into two simple strategies: 

  • Install the indoor system.
  • Install the outdoor system.

Steps To Install The Indoor System

  • Select a wall that is a perfect fit for the air conditioner system. 
  • Fit the mounting plate on the selected interior wall. 
  • Drill a three inches hole through the wall to pass through the pipe. 
  • Survey the electrical connection on the AC indoor unit. 
  • Pass the refrigeration pipe and electrical cables through the hole and connect to the AC unit. 
  • Place the indoor unit on the mounting plate.

Steps To Install The AC Outdoor Unit

  • Find a place in the backyard where there is less foliage and debris. 
  • Build or lay a concrete pad on the ground.
  • Fix the outdoor unit on the concrete pad. 
  • With the help of a wiring diagram in the instruction manual, fix and adjust the electrical wiring. 
  • Use flare nuts to join the copper pipes from the indoor to the outdoor unit as per the manual.

Some Points To Safely Test The AC System Before Turning The AC System On.

  • Bleeding of air and humidity from the refrigerant circuit is an essential step. Remove the two-way and three-way valve caps and connect a vacuum hose to the service port. Turn on the vacuum until it reaches the vacuum of 10 mm Hg. Test all the vacuums and joints for leakage issues, and then disconnect the vacuum.


  • The ductless air conditioner installation technician in Los Angeles will strengthen the pipes by fixing them to the walls with clamps.


  • Seal the wall hole with a proper insulation sealant like expanding polyurethane foam.


  • Check for all the electrical connections to eliminate the risk of sparking or losing connection.


    A mini-split AC system installation in Los Angeles seems like a simple task, but it is a complex process. It is better when a professional does the job safely and effectively during the installation process. Call Dr. Ductless Heating and Cooling for quick installation service and some vital tips to keep the AC in the best condition. 

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