How To Tackle A Noisy Air Conditioner

How To Tackle A Noisy Air Conditioner

Owning an air conditioner is more of a necessity than a luxury nowadays. Summer heat is hard to bear without an air conditioner, especially in . However, owning an air conditioner comes with a lot of responsibilities, and the foremost one being its timely repair and servicing.

You need to keep your air conditioner in its best condition possible so that its efficiency and cooling capacity do not decrease. If you do not schedule a timely air conditioning repair in , you may have to face many problems and extra expenses due to your air conditioner.

One of the common problems that air conditioner owners face with their cooling systems is unwanted noises. These noises may come when the system is on or off. They indicate either a wiring issue within your air conditioner or some foreign matter like debris or leaves has entered the system. If your air conditioner is giving out weird noises, here are the common five parts that may be the culprit:


The blower is responsible for the transportation of the condensed air from the system to the house. If its fan blades somehow get bent or any foreign matter enters the blower system, there can be unwanted clunking and rattling from the area. Blowers can also create noises due to damaged parts and low lubricants.


The condenser can emit strange noises like rattling and clunking, just like the blower. Issues like a damaged part, low lubricant, unpositioned fan blades, or foreign matter like twigs or leaves in the condenser can make unwanted sounds.


The ductwork network is made of metal and its alloys. When the season changes from cool to warm, the temperature fluctuates and causes the metal sheets to contract and expand. These contractions cause noises. Once the temperature becomes stable, the sounds should stop. But if they do not stop, you should call for a ductless AC repair in CA, to solve the issue.

Condensate Line

Condensate lines can get clogged due to debris or foreign particles. This clogging causes gurgling sounds from the line, and a professional HVAC technician can easily clean them and remove the clogging particles.

Wiring Issues

There can be wiring faults inside or outside your air conditioner with the passing time. You should not ignore electrical problems and call for an air conditioning repair in immediately to stop the issue from growing. If not, the problem can grow to an extent where your whole system may break down, and you may have to buy a new air conditioner.

An air conditioner can have many other problems other than the noise one, and they are costly to tackle. Many HVAC companies provide air conditioner services, but their rates are high, and their services may not be satisfactory. Let Dr. Ductless provide you with the best air conditioning services at nominal rates. Look for ductless AC repair in CA, or contact us through (213) 916-0005 to book your first appointment today!


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