Is Ductless Mini-Splits Worth The Expense?

Is Ductless Mini-Splits Worth The Expense?

Are you thinking of replacing your old air conditioner? Does living in your home, with no air conditioner, become beyond difficult? If you nodded with an agreement for both the questions, you need to treat your space with a ductless mini-split in Los Angeles.

The introduction of ductless mini-split air conditioners has been a blessing for many homeowners. With easy installation, high energy efficiency, and quiet functioning, these systems are a must-have. The ductless mini-split systems are versatile and convenient, with zero hassle of overlapping ductwork.

Being energy efficient, these systems are a fantastic way to put an end to unnecessary electricity charges. Moreover, they are designed for expansion, giving you the liberty to make changes in the structure of your home without touching the mini-split system.

Cost-Effectiveness Of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Undoubtedly, a ductless mini-split system costs quite a fortune. However, it helps you save through different functional areas with exceptional system features. Keeping your system fit with regular mini-split AC repair in Los Angeles.

Usually, while installing a new mini-split AC, you can anticipate an expense of around $3000. The cost may vary based on the size of your home, the size of the unit, and the brand of your system.

Though branded systems could increase the price of the system, it offers quality that would easily last you 20 years, with proper mini-split AC repair in Los Angeles once a year.

Here are some ways in which you can save money through the incentives a ductless mini-split system offers –

  • Installation

Mini-split ductless air conditioners offer effortless installation. You do not have to spend on ducts and large equipment. These systems enable you to install a unit only in the rooms you use, reducing the cost of cooling rooms that are not in use. Also, it requires very little space to be installed. It is a steal compared to replacing central unit AC systems.

  • Energy Bills

Another great way to make your mini-split system worth the cost is your reduced energy bills. This system utilizes your electricity effectively and rules out air loss through ductwork.

  • Repair Costs After Installation

Replacing or installing a new central air conditioner unit leads to opening walls, ceilings, and floors to lay the ducts. This in turn leads to costly repairs after installation. The ductless mini-split system does not bring along the unnecessary burden of repair costs.

  • Low Maintenance

Ductless mini-split air conditioners require little to no maintenance. The systems are designed to work effectively without much maintenance, relieving you of expensive maintenance sessions.

In terms of comfort, convenience, and functionality, mini-split air conditioners are a great option. Considering the returns, in the long run, it is certainly worth the expense. It cools your whole space perfectly, leaving you with no regrets.

Dr. Ductless is an HVAC company that offers all kinds of heating, cooling, and ductless services. Our team of technicians can help you choose and install a mini-split air conditioner that is perfect for your space. To book a professional installation for a ductless mini-split in Los Angeles, contact us on (213) 916-0005 today.


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