South Coast Air Quality Management District is the air pollution control agency that launched the Clean Air Furnace Rebate Program to encourage consumers to purchase low-emission, natural-gas central heating furnaces to help reduce air pollution. This program offers a rebate to residents who buy and install a furnace or full-electric heat pump that meets the eligibility conditions.

The rebate program will accept consumer applications for Ultra-Low NOx High Altitude Furnaces, Ultra-Low NOx Weatherized Furnaces, and the gas furnace replacement with a traditional full-electric heat pump system. This rebate program will come to an end when the funds are exhausted. Participants in the scaqmd rebate program should consider their rebate cheque to arrive four to six weeks after purchasing a low-emission furnace.

Furnaces emit NOx (nitrogen oxides), which contributes to the formation of smog, and particulate matter. They can damage cells in the lungs and airways, causing inflammation and swelling. When you replace your furnace with a South Coast AQMD Qualified, ultra-low NOx furnace or all-electric heat pump, you will be helping to reduce the emissions and attain the goal of improved air quality.

If you want to replace your furnace with an ultra-low NOx Furnace, contact us. At Dr. Ductless Heating & Cooling, we have various excellent options available for you to choose from.

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Dr. Ductless Heating & Cooling is a locally owned business. We serve both residential and commercial areas in Los Angeles. Services we offer:

Ductless AC Services: We can install, repair, and maintain ductless mini-split air conditioning systems that will increase your cooling system’s energy efficiency and effectiveness. This will allow you to stay in your house comfortably and will also keep your utility bills to a minimum.

AC Services: When an air conditioner fails, it could be expensive and inconvenient to homeowners. Our team of experts efficiently performs air conditioning repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance.

Heating Services: We believe that everyone is entitled to the comfort of a warm home during winters. If you notice any problems with your heating system, you can trust us to provide you with a quick, affordable service for any heating issue.

Indoor Air Quality: With our help, you can improve your indoor air quality. We provide indoor air quality testing and improvement services to meet the needs of businesses and residents. Our expert technicians can assist you in determining the best solution for your home or business’s indoor air quality issues.

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  • Fast and reliable service
  • Technicians who are polite, experienced, and well-trained
  • Variety of payment options
  • Transparent pricing
  • Compliance with all codes, licenses, and laws
  • For emergencies, technicians are available 24×7
  • Commitment to providing complete customer satisfaction

Our professional team is ready to assist you in selecting and installing the ideal ultra-low NOx furnace at your home. Allow us to put your mind at ease by sending one of our experts to you. We understand how to determine the best for your home and comfort.

Reach us to know whether you qualify for the scaqmd rebate 2022. Call us at (213) 916-0005 to schedule an appointment.


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