Single-Family and Multifamily Incentives

Single-Family and Multifamily Incentives

Tech Clean California single-family and multifamily programs encourage citizens and residents to install eco-friendly HVAC systems. The plan will help you to lower the installation charges on the latest HVAC system that focuses on low heat emissions in the environment.

So, if you are thinking of installing a Bosch heat pump in Lawndale, this article might help you make the correct decision!

What is Tech Clean California?

Tech Clean California is a state-wide program that encourages residents in California to adopt clean and eco-friendly HVAC technology. This program helps the contractors and installers with incentive funding for installing modern HVAC systems.

The program supports incentives funding and gives training and education to the workforce for accurate installation and help in selling these low carbon-emitting HVAC system technology.

However, the contractor should be enrolled in the plan to get the incentives funding for installing modern, low carbon-emission Bosch heat pumps in Lawndale and surrounding areas.

Single-family and Multifamily Incentives

Technological developments are happening to stop further destruction from happening. That’s why modern HVAC equipment and systems are in the eco-friendly and energy-efficient market.

Single-family and multifamily Incentives are a part of the Tech Clean California drive.

What are Single-family Incentives?

Tech Clean California provides baseline incentives in every IOU territory and enhanced incentives in areas where local utilities provide heat pump incentives too. The incentives are available for any residence with four or less than four dwellings.

The minimum efficiency requirement should be Title 24 code. The baseline incentives for heat pump HVAC installation for a single-family is:

EquipmentTotal Incentives
Spilt, Mini/Multi-Split, Package$3000

The enhanced incentives for heat pump HVAC installation is:

Equipment typeMinimum efficiency requirementHSPFTotal incentives
Unitary Package, Split, Mini/Multi-SplitTitle 24 code$3000
Same as above16.0 SEER9.0$3900
Same as above18.0 SEER9.7$4800

If you look at the quality installation, then the incentives go as follows:

Quality installation measuresQualifierTotal Incentives
Manual J finishedCalculations$600
Duct sealing or replacementLess than 5% total leakage$600
Field measured performance based on ASHRAE 221-2020Heating or Cooling system performance ratio greater than or equal to 80%$800

What are Multi-family Incentives?

The substantial incentives for multifamily are available for central HVAC or HVAC systems for individual apartments.

The incentives provided by Tech Clean California to multifamily with individual apartments are as follows:

Previous HVAC SystemEquipment typeAHRI Test StandardTotal Incentives
Non-heat pump systemsSplit or rooftop heat pump system210/240$2000
All except PHTPPHTP, SPVPH, or Unitary through wall or ceiling310/380, 390$500 or 1000 (Single or two-stage compressor, variable or inverter-driven)

The incentives rates would differ if you require heat pumps for multiply apartments:

Previous HVAC SystemEquipment TypeTotal Incentives
Non-heat pump systemsHP HVAC serving multiple apartments$1000

For areas and rooms serving common space, the incentives for heat pumps goes as follows:

Previous Heating SystemEquipment TypeTotal Incentives
Non-heat pump systemsSplit or rooftop heat pump$1,800
Same as abovePHTP, SPVHP, Unitary through wall or ceiling$300/$800 (single or two compressor system or variety capacity or inverter-driven)

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