Some Possible Repair Issues For Ductless Mini-Splits

Some Possible Repair Issues For Ductless Mini-Splits

Mini-splits ACs in Los Angeles are a wise investment since the absence of a duct network makes it easier to install and maintain. They are versatile heating and cooling equipment that does all the work a traditional centralized air conditioner does. However, like all the other heating and cooling appliances, mini splits have their own share of problems. Rest easy and contact a professional ductless mini split technician for an inspection.

Some Repair Issues For Ductless Mini-Splits


Some possible repair issues for ductless mini splits are:

1. Faulty Drainage

Signs of improper drainage would be no flow through the drainage conduit and possibly seepage on the walls. This is mostly due to a blockage in the pipe, which is often caused by molds. Faulty drainage is the most common issue found in mini split ACs in Los Angeles.

2. AC is Making Unusual Noises

Mini-splits are not noisy pieces of equipment. If you hear some clicking or gurgling, it is possible that the AC is defrosting or the plastic casing of the split is contracting or expanding. However, having a professional look at the noise is always a wise choice.

3. No Hot or Cold Air

The absence of hot or cold air could be because of several issues like faulty, inadequate refrigerant, refrigerant leak, or defective sensors. Contact us immediately if you face such issues and get your mini-split serviced by trained professionals.

4. AC is not Dehumidifying

Mini-split air conditioners are amazing at dehumidifying a room. However, a few problems might arise that may obstruct this feature of your ductless AC. Obstruction in the drainage conduit would be a common cause of no dehumidifying.

5. Presence of Smell

A foul smell or, in fact, a smell of any kind that comes out when you turn on your mini-split is a clear sign that something is wrong with your machine. Fishy, vinegar, musty, or sour are the few common odors that you may witness.

A musty smell is associated with a mold build-up, fishy with a leak or an electrical problem, and vinegar or fruit-like odor is a sign of a refrigerant leak. Stray no more and reach us for a comprehensive solution to the situation.

6. AC won’t Switch On

If your mini-split doesn’t switch on, try checking the plugs, remote batteries, and electric supply in nearby sockets. If the batteries are not in good condition, replace them. If the problem persists, call an expert in maintenance and mini split air conditioner installation in Los Angeles.

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