What Are The Most Common AC Problems?

What Are The Most Common AC Problems?

If you own a wall-mounted AC unit, you receive several benefits from this system, like better efficiency levels and less noisy operations. However, this does not eliminate other potential issues ACs face. Air conditioner owners should know about some of these problems to take care of their systems without contacting a professional technician for help. Even if you can not understand the details of an air conditioner, knowing the basic details can save you from unwanted troubles in the future.

Problems That You Should Know Beforehand

  • Your System Runs Constantly: The work of an air conditioner is to ensure proper cooling of your home, but if it has to work continuously without breaks, there is some problem with the system. Try replacing the air filters with new ones and check the thermostat before you contact a professional.

  • Problems With The Thermostat: A manual thermostat needs regular attention from the owners as they have to set the temperature on it each time they start using their systems. The best way to avoid issues due to a thermostat is to install a smart thermostat.

    A smart thermostat offers several benefits, like reminders for maintenance schedules and understanding the temperature preferences of the owners.

  • Not Enough Cool Air: The irritation you feel when your air conditioner is not producing enough cool air for your home is reasonable.

    An air conditioner should give out enough cool air to avoid problems like hot and cold pockets. Ensure there are no leaks in the ducts and your home has proper insulation measures to avoid leakage of cool air.

  • Hot Air: The most common reasons for this problem are refrigerant leakage, internal issues, overheating, and dirty air filters. Irrespective of the reason, you should contact a professional technician instead of tackling this issue yourself.

  • Leakages: The three types of leakages you may face while owning an air conditioner are water leakages, refrigerant leakages, and carbon monoxide leakages. Water leakages and refrigerant leakages are not as serious as carbon monoxide leakages, but that does not mean you can ignore them. Water leakages are due to an overflowing drain pan and blockages in the drain line.

    Refrigerant leakages could be due to old age and ice formation. Carbon monoxide leakages can be due to damage to the compartment that separates carbon monoxide from your home. You should get carbon monoxide detectors for your home to know when the gas leaks, as it has no smell or color and is extremely harmful to the human body.


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