Where Should A Mini Split Outdoor Unit Be Installed?

Where Should A Mini Split Outdoor Unit Be Installed?

When it gets warm, many people think about installing an air conditioner. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of a full-size air conditioner, a mini-split outdoor unit may be the solution for you. 

Where Should You Set Up Your Outdoor Mini-Unit?

The best place for heat pump capacitors is usually in the shade, out of direct sunlight. We recommend you install the outdoor unit in a safe, dry, and well-ventilated place. Location is important for installing a ductless mini-air conditioning unit. 

To keep the air conditioner filter clean and prevent dirt and clogging, ensure the outdoor unit is free of trees and dusty areas. Professional installation engineers will help you determine the best option for installing a new outdoor ductless mini-split in Lawndale, CA.

Factors On Which Set Up Of Outdoors Depends.

  • Availability of space: Sufficient space is required to install the outdoor unit. You should place it in a clean, dry, and open place. You must place it in an open environment for it to function properly.  
  • No Airflow Restriction: Sufficient airflow is required when placing the ODU. AC outdoor units should generally maintain a clearance of 2 feet from all sides to ensure proper airflow. When mounting the split-AC on a wall, there must be clearance between the wall and ceiling to ensure proper airflow.
  • Distance between the indoor and outdoor unit: The length of the copper wire of the interior and exterior unit is limited. The cooling capacity decreases with the length of the copper tube between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit.  
  • Placing on the roof: The most popular place to install an outdoor unit is on the rooftop. Here, all you have to do is install the outdoor unit on the roof base. For stability, you can use a metal stand or rubber pad under the AC outdoor unit. Rubber pads are suitable for reducing compressor vibration and noise
  • Placing on the balcony: Placing on a balcony is one common place to install outdoor units. A mounting bracket is required to mount the device on the wall. There must be some clearance from the ceiling to ensure proper airflow. 

Benefits Of Installing A Mini-Split Outdoor Unit.

Mini and multi-zone split outdoor units offer many benefits for homeowners looking for indoor comfort all year round. There are various reasons to opt for an outdoor mini-split. Listed below are two of them:  

  • Energy efficiency: The mini split outdoor unit is one of the most energy-efficient air conditioners on the market. They can save you summer cooling costs. 
  • Quietness: These units are less noisy than traditional air conditioning systems. These are excellent options for people living in apartments and condominiums where noise can be an issue.  


The mini-split outdoor unit blends seamlessly with the exterior of the house. Suppose you are thinking of where is the best place to install mini-splits, talk to a Dr Ductless Heating and Cooling expert. 

We are heating and cooling specialists that can help to keep your home comfortable. Contact the team if you have any questions about the mini-split AC installation in Lawndale, CA.


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