Which Is The Main Reason For Water Leakage In AC?

Which Is The Main Reason For Water Leakage In AC?

The first problem AC owner’s face while owning an air conditioner is that they cannot understand what their air conditioner is trying to tell them when there is an issue. In this case, contact a professional technician for Bosch ductless mini-split in Los Angeles.

One of the problems for which air conditioner owners contact technicians and plumbers is water leakages from the system. Water leakage problems can create more issues like rusting and bacterial growth.

Reasons You Should Know To Avoid Water Leakage Issues

  • Clogged drain line: Water is a by-product when air conditioners work, and the drain lines carry this by-product outside your home. However, if the drain lines face cloggings due to debris and bacterial growth, the water flowing in these lines will spill and leak from the system.

  • Damaged drain pan: The drain pan stores this water while the rest flows into the drain line. Like the drain pipes, the drain pan can face damage due to rusting problems and leaks, which can cause the water collected in it to spill.

  • Breaks in the drain line: The pipes in the drain line are connected to carry the water outside your home. If there are any disconnections or breaks in this path, water will leak from that spot and spill from your ceiling wall.

  • Broken condensate pump: The air conditioners in the attic need a condensate pump to push the wastewater into the drain lines and drain pan. If this condensate pump malfunctions, the water will not go into the drain lines and overflow near the system, causing unwanted water leakages.

  • Too much condensation: Along with water, condensation is another by-product when an air conditioner works. The dehumidifier in the system controls it, but often, there can be excess condensation within the system, leading to water leakages from the vents and ducts. Insulate your ducts and vents to avoid water leakages from them.

  • Frozen evaporator coils: Excessive working of an air conditioner leads to ice formation on the evaporator coils that carry refrigerant. When this ice melts, it collects inside the system. If there is too much ice, the water will start dripping outside the system, and your air conditioner will leak water.

  • Dirty air filters: Dirty air filters are not directly responsible for water leakage problems with your system, but they play an important role. Dirty air filters obstruct the smooth airflow, due to which refrigerant does not absorb heat properly and leads to ice formation on the evaporator coils, ending in water leakages.

  • Faulty installation: Suppose your newly-installed air conditioner creates water leakage problems because of faulty installation. It could be possible that the technicians did not level the system properly or did not set the drain lines accurately. Contact the technician who provided you with Bosch mini-split installation in Los Angeles to fix this problem.


Water leakage is not the only problem with an air conditioner. Moreover, an air conditioner is not the only HVAC appliance in your home. Numerous appliances and numerous HVAC problems demand a trustworthy and experienced HVAC company like Dr. Ductless. We have the right experience, skills, and methods to fix your problems at the earliest. Contact us today.


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