Why Air Conditioning Repair Costs Are Getting So Expensive

Why Air Conditioning Repair Costs Are Getting So Expensive

As most of us already know, having our air conditioners repaired is never cheap, and it will not become any cheaper anytime soon, making AC maintenance even more necessary.

Out of all the options, it is best to enroll in monthly maintenance plans offered by HVAC companies to keep all the other expenses away from your Mitsubishi ductless AC unit or other systems.

Why Do AC Repairing Services Prices Touch The Sky?

The repairing services can be expensive due to the following factors:

Prohibition On Using R-22 Refrigerant By EPA

The EPA (Environment Protection Agency of US) has restricted R-22 refrigerant gas from further use in the AC system. Numerous AC systems work on the R-22 or freon refrigerant, but it is hard to ignore the side effects it causes on the environment.

To learn how R-22 harms our environment, here is some simple science. The ozone layer safeguards us and our world from the sun’s harmful UV and infrared radiation.

The ozone layer is in the stratosphere (15-30 km above the ground level), reflecting all the harmful radiation into space. This radiation increases the warmth of the planet and causes diseases in humans.

Carbon Fluorocarbons (CFCs) released by the AC system rise in the sky and reacted with the ozone layer. These chemical reactions lead to the formation of new products and causes the concentration of O3 (Ozone) to decrease.

The depletion weakens the barrier, and the harmful radiation enters our environment to create havoc and issues like global warming. It is better to replace your AC system with freon gas as the refrigerant.

There are various affordable AC options available from popular HVAC brands like Mitsubishi split AC units and many others.


The HVAC manufacturing brands offer warranties covering almost all the AC parts repairing expenses. So, if the AC compressors break down unexpectedly, all the replacement costs would be covered by the company in the warranty period.

Always be aware of the warranty provided by the organization providing the quote service. A professional HVAC service provider will offer a warranty on their work.

If a company does not provide a service warranty, it signifies they do not stand behind their work, and you are most likely asking for extra repair costs. When the warranty period ends, all the expenses you have to pay for your Mitsubishi ductless AC unit.

Price Of Identical Parts

Do not forget to include the cost of replacement parts when evaluating the cost of an AC repair. Even the company that performs your service charges a premium price for the most detail.

It must handle AC parts with extreme caution because they are expensive, especially the old AC model components. If an AC part needs to be replaced during the repair, it will increase the bill.


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