Why Does Your Air Conditioner Leak Water?

Why Does Your Air Conditioner Leak Water?

An air conditioner consists of various parts and components that support its efficient working. The more parts, the more problems it can face. One common problem that an air conditioner faces is water leakage. If you are tired of contacting your technician for the water leakage problem of your wall mounted air conditioner, here is a guide that can help you fix the problem without professional assistance:

Drain Line

The drain line carries the water from the overflow pan to the drainpipe, where it goes out of your home. Dirt, bacterial and fungal growth, and debris clog the drain line, causing it to work improperly.

A clogged drain line is responsible for water leakage problems with your air conditioner. You can avoid clogging by pouring one cup of bleach into the drain line, and you can remove clogging with the help of a vacuum.

Overflow Pan

The drain line joins the overflow pan and drainpipe. The overflow pan stores the excess water from the inside of the system. If the overflow pan has cracks, the water will leak through it and create leakage problems.

You can fix the holes with the help of epoxy, but if your air conditioner is old, you should contact your HVAC company that provides Bosch mini split installation services in Los Angeles to replace the overflow pan.

Air Filter

You may think that there is no connection between the air filters of your system and the leakage problem, but there is. Dirty air filters mean restricted airflow, and restricted airflow leads to the freezing of the evaporator coil. When the ice on the coils melts, the water will leak through the system.

The only way to tackle this is by cleaning and replacing your air filters regularly. Dirty air filters can cause various other problems like breathing problems, inefficient working, and increased energy bills.


If you recently installed a new air conditioner and started facing the leaking problem, the real root may be improper system installation. Improper installation means that the system is not at the right level.

An unlevelled air conditioner will not collect the water evenly in the overflow pan, and the system will leak water. If this is the case, you should contact the installer you called for Bosch mini split installation services in Los Angeles and ask them to fix it.


The pump in your air conditioner pumps the water from the overflow pan, as the name suggests. A malfunctioning pump will cause the overflow pan to overflow with excess water, causing leakages.

There are no DIY methods to fix a malfunctioning pump. All you can do is ensure that the water leakage problem is not due to a clogged drain line, a broken overflow pan, dirty air filters, and improper installation. You should contact your technician to fix a broken pump.

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