Why Is your Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside?

Why Is your Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside?

A leaking air conditioning appliance almost always points to a mechanical problem due to inadequate maintenance. In addition, condensation is a byproduct of heating and cooling produced by air conditioners, but when debris or dirt blocks its drainage, leaking or flooding may happen outside or inside the air handler. Improper mini split AC installation in Los Angeles can also be responsible for a cooling unit leaking water. It is better to hire a dependable service provider for installing your cooling appliance.

Common Causes of Air Conditioner Water Leaks and Their Possible Fixes

Below are some prominent reasons an air conditioner leaks water and their possible fixes.

  • Dirty Air Filters

Air conditioning appliances have to strive harder because of a contaminated air filter. This additional stress makes it challenging for oxygen to reach the condenser coils, which can result in the coil freezing if the necessary heat is not taken in. For the most satisfactory results, replace your air filters once or twice a month, as a clean air filter will improve your home’s air quality.

  • Disconnection of The Drain Pipe

Your air conditioning appliance will leak excessive water due to a damaged drain line. The drain pan leaks water into the drain pipe, but the damaged connection causes the water to dribble throughout the home rather than take it outside.

  • A Rusted Drain Channel

If the drain line on an older device deteriorates, the dripping water may not reach the condensate pipe. A leak may result if the water flow is blocked by impairment to the drain channel. If the problem is not fixed after replacing the drain channel, call our professional HVAC service to determine the problem.

  • Drain Tube Blockage

An air conditioning appliance cannot unclog any drain pans appropriately if the drain line is obstructed. You can utilize a wet/dry vacuum for emptying the blockage, but doing so wrongly could damage parts of the air conditioning unit.

  • Ice On The Condenser Coil

The condenser coil ultimately reaches its limit. Instead of cooling warm air and enhancing indoor air quality, the condenser coils become contaminated and sluggish as coolant leaks into the device. And without heat to absorb, it gets exceedingly chilly until your cooling unit freezes and stops functioning. In this case, you must initially turn off your air conditioning to fix a frozen coil and get air drifting again in your home.

What Can You Do to Fix The Leakage Issue?

You can keep your air conditioning appliance from leaking by checking it regularly, holding it in satisfactory condition, and substituting damaged parts. It will not only save you from the discomfort of water leaks and excessive expenditures, but it will also make sure that your cooling unit lasts longer.

Some effective troubleshooting tips that can help prolong the life of your air conditioner and also help repair water leakage are as follows:

  • Regularly wash the drainage line
  • Get the right drain pan
  • Routine air filter replacement
  • Don’t overuse your air conditioning unit

If you are looking for experienced HVAC services, contact our experts at Dr. Ductless. We deliver excellent emergency services to guarantee your air conditioning issue is resolved. To schedule a mini split AC installation in Los Angeles, call us at (213) 916-0005.


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